Tap into a large and valuable audience, Australian Chinese consumers.


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“In Australia today we are more culturally diverse, but as a social researcher, I know most Australians have a fairly limited understanding of different cultures in Australia. Most organisations have limited opportunities to access these cultures because it is complex, they are hard to find or access, and are more costly; which means that they get left out from the agenda or research is done in a more limited way, as we don’t have much time or opportunity to dive deep into these cultures. And that’s where the idea of the Golden Voice Community came from."

Dianne Gardener, CEO - Bastion Latitude

You can no longer ignore Chinese Australians in your marketing efforts & here's why...

Migration patterns have always influenced Australian society and today there are 1.2 million people with Chinese ancestry living in Australia; a 115% growth rate since 2001.

The spending power of the Chinese migrant is well documented; high disposable income combined 
with a love for shopping. And while the Chinese migrant is likely to speak (some) English, the language and cultural differences can be a barrier to understanding and adapting to an Australian way of life.

Currently, businesses and organisations are failing to effectively communicate and engage with this large and valuable group due to a lack of cultural insight.


Led by experienced cross-cultural research specialists who provide an authentic understanding of the Chinese in Australia.

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Dynamic real-time research, conducted via our WeChat, communities, enabling timely and cost-effective accessibility.


Our highly engaged community can be used for online and offline research, qualitative or quantitative.

"When marketing to Chinese audiences, here in Australia or in Greater China, there’re lots of differences in terms of tone of voice, even the types of characters used, grammars etc., so when you’re talking to the Chinese audience it is important to understand that it’s not a homogenous community and there are many nuances within that community."

Tom Parker, 
Head of China - Australian Football League

How it Works

Our research is designed to answer all the questions you may have, as well as those you may not even realise you should ask, about the Chinese community in Australia.


The Golden Voice Community can be used to explore an issue via a quick survey of up to 10 questions, getting you answers in a cost effective and timely manner.


Quarterly reports based on our syndicated qualitative and quantitative research to deliver an in-depth understanding of core topics and opportunities within the Chinese community.


Deep dives using qualitative and/or quantitative research covering a range of your research needs in depth, be it accessing feedback on brands, products or experiences, unearthing information gaps, understanding unmet needs, exploring synergies between channels. We can work with you to recommend a customised research approach to answer your business needs, improve cross-cultural understanding and provide actionable insights.

Introducing the Golden Voice Community; a one-of-a-kind research community to bridge the gap and create a better understanding of the Chinese in Australia

Bastion Latitude has developed the first, local & independent 
in-language research community in Australia, 
the Golden Voice Community, for Chinese Australians. 

Our Mandarin-speaking community removes the language divide so we gain deeper insights into cultural nuances.

We connect the voices of the Chinese community, who have told us that they want to be heard, to Australian businesses and organisations who want to listen.  


All research is conducted in native language (Mandarin) and translated seamlessly to account for cultural nuances.

A research product by Bastion Latitude

A research product by Bastion Latitude

5,000 Chinese Members + Growing!

Golden Voice currently has over 5,000 members as well as access to an additional 160,000 international students living in Australia. 

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